OMR Software – One stop solution to your all OMR requirements is an auxiliary vertical of Ginger Webs Pvt. Ltd. that was founded in 2008. We are engaged in the design and development of premium OMR Software solutions. OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader or Optical Mark Recognition which is an old age technology that we have transformed in the form of software. Our ideology is to produce unique, technologically advanced, user friendly products. The manufactured solutions offer high reliability, quality and accuracy.

Verificare the Best OMR Software is our pioneer product that is being trusted by more than 2,000 customers across the globe. This software allows the user to design, scan and read OMR sheets meeting 100 % accuracy. It is cost effective smart software solution incorporated with advance technology of Artificial Intelligence that helps in wrong answer key and anti-cheat detection. Verificare is multipurpose software that is used to evaluate examination, admission, registration, attendance, survey, feedback, ballot, etc. It offers a hassle-free operation interface.

To experience its features you can go for a trial version of free OMR answer sheet checking software

OMR Software’s Key Features:

OMR Software - sheet design– Custom your design: You can easily create customized OMR sheets using advanced OMR sheet designing tools. Considering an example: you can create user-defined survey, admission, examination, complex OMR form seamlessly.

– Use any normal Scanner: The OMR sheet reading software is compatible to any scanner unit. It can be incorporated with scanner of type flatbed, MFP, ADF, etc.

– Print OMR on any type and size of sheets: Verificare can print the OMR forms on any sheet type ranging from A3, A4, A5, etc. The software does not resist you to print on traditional papers.

– Reread Faulty Files: It identifies the error files and swiftly reread faulty files to contribute to accurate analysis.

– Insert unlimited number of sets: The software can smoothly read and process the result of “n number” of question paper sets matching hybrid efficiency marks.

– Splendid Cropping Support: This OMR sheet checking software can easily crop the desired area in the form of image, signature or text from the OMR form.

– Identification of Mandatory fields: The user can mark the required mandatory fields on the OMR sheets and while processing the results the OMR software will highlight mandatory fields on the OMR response sheet.

– Data Sorting: Advance tools to sort and filter data have been incorporated. The user can process and analyze multiple entities that can be saved and used for further forefront analysis.

omr softwrae barcode– Notification of duplicate fields: The software can identify the marked duplicate values and records in order to provide improvised result calculation.

– Insertion of Bar-codes and Logos: Design OMR sheets that are featuring a particular logo or the barcode for identification of the candidates. However, the software can easily generate, print and read 1D, 2D barcodes.


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