best OMR Reader software

Reading of OMR bubbles from the scanned images is easy with OMR reader software, but to bring accuracy in this process is a difficult job. Processing of large data with just any OMR reader software can bring error so better go with the one that promises 100% accuracy. Verificare OMR software ensures complete precision in the process with its various features to take over the task of reading scanned sheets.

Verificare proves to be highly robust and reliable OMR software, having special combination of AI enabled features that assist in bringing utmost accuracy in sheet reading.

Along with various reading features of Verificare there are also some of the accompanied reading features such as:

  • Image & Signature reader
  • 1D & 2D Barcode Reader
  • OCR Reader

Amongst so many features specifically designed to back up its every functionality, some of them specifically dedicated to sheet reading process are:

  • Reads all types of OMR sheets right from traditional to the one made on plain paper, even the photocopy can be read.
  • Verificare OMR reader software reads up to 300 sheets in a minute
  • Identifies the error files and re-reads faulty files, extracting data that is close to accuracy.
  • Its AI integrated features are used in anti-cheat detection and can also point out wrong answer key.
  • By going through the complete records it identifies duplicate form and field.

With so many features and many more, Verificare OMR reader software is the most sought after choice for users. It completely eliminates the manual interference in data extraction giving ease, accuracy and perfection to its users.