omr sheet designing software

Verificare OMR sheet design software comes with free inbuilt designing tools and different types of templates that can be used in creating customized OMR sheets. It is handy in creating any type of OMR sheet and forms such as- admission forms, student evaluation forms, assessments, feedback forms, survey forms and any type of MCQ based tests.

With all types of sheet designing features available in Verificare OMR software there is no need to purchase an expensive sheet designer separately. All you need to do is to explore its many features and create your choice of OMR sheets with simple drag and drop process.

Types of Verificare OMR Sheet designing layouts

OMR based answer sheets – They are used in case of MCQ based tests, assessments or quizzes.

OMR based forms – They are generally used in the process of collecting any type of data. It is applicable in creating admission forms, feedback forms, survey forms, etc.

OMR sheet for special purpose – This can be used to create ballot sheets, checklists, attendance sheets and mark sheets.

Verificare OMR sheet design software has got whole lot of benefits that helps the user in designing OMR sheets with complete ease. Along with multiple options to choose from, users also get the advantage of its various designing features such as:

  • Create your own customized OMR sheets with personalized choice of design, using in-built designing tools.
  • Design OMR sheets using any size and quality of paper without any hassle.
  • Create OMR sheets in 4 different colors- Green, Orange, Red and Blue.
  • Add barcodes and QR codes on every individual OMR sheet.

There are many other miscellaneous features in Verificare OMR sheet design software such as adding vertical/horizontal bubbles and saving the templates in many formats. User gets the freedom to create any type of OMR sheet that is perfectly suitable for varied purposes.