The designing, scanning, reading and evaluation of OMR sheets are all done by using Optical Mark Reader Software. It can design, read and evaluate any type of OMR sheet such as application forms, admission forms, test paper answer sheets, psychometric tests, feedback forms, student evaluation forms, checklists, survey forms and even ballots.

Optical Mark Reader Software is helpful in collecting and evaluating all kinds of data with ease and accuracy. It can handle even large amount of data and classify its end result in proper format that can be conveniently referred afterwards.

Verificare OMR software has got all the above mentioned qualities plus it is accurate, easy to use, reliable, and cost efficient.
There are many other features of Verificare optical mark reader software that makes it most suitable for the users who are looking for complete OMR solutions within single software.

  • Create unlimited customized OMR sheets with various in-built tools and templates.
  • No dependency on special scanner and printer, use any normal flatbed scanner.
  • No hassle of exact paper size and quality, use any size of paper to create OMR sheet.
  • Verificare can read all types of OMR sheets such as traditional, made on plain paper and even the photocopy.
  • Can print and read 1D and 2D barcodes, QR code and even printed text (OCR).
  • AI enabled features that works as anti-cheat and can detect wrong answer key.
  • Identifies mandatory fields specified on the sheet.
  • Crops desired areas such as signature and photographs from the OMR sheet.

All these features have been specifically put together to make Verificare optical mark reader software a perfect OMR solution for the users. It provides ultimate ease and accuracy in OMR based assessments and data collecting task.