verificare OMR SoftwareVerificare is a new-age OMR software that provides complete OMR solutions right under one roof. It has been developed to suit the diverse OMR requirements of all the sectors and has become an eminent part in creating MCQ test in schools, colleges, universities and coaching. It is also used in surveys, lottery, private organizations and government organizations. Its advantages have overcome the sole dependency on paper based tests and have given a whole new definition to offline assessment procedure.

It has gained a remarkable world-wide recognition, having a diverse clientele base of 2000+ clients from around the globe. Verificare is the only OMR reader software that ensures 100% accuracy and is a cost-effective product to process thousands of OMR sheets within few minutes.

Benefits of using Verificare OMR software

  • Design unlimited OMR bubble sheets using free In-built tools and customizable templates.
  • Create variety of OMR sheet design to suit different needs, also make use of 4 different types of colors – Blue, Green, Red and Orange.
  • No dependency over special paper or paper size. Use any size and quality of paper such as – A4, A3, letter and legal size.


OMR sheet Scanning, Reading & Evaluation features

  • No wastage of money on expensive OMR scanning machine. Attach any normal flatbed/ADF/MFP scanner to get perfect result.
  • Verificare can read all sorts of OMR forms and OMR based answer sheets including traditional and photocopied.
  • You can use unlimited number of question paper sets while processing the OMR sheets.
  • You can easily crop the desired area from the OMR sheet such as date, signature or roll number and save it into a separate file.
  • It can identify faulty files which when manually corrected can be re-read to generate exact OMR data.
  • You can mark mandatory fields on the OMR form which gets highlighted when the sheets are being read.
  • Verificare can easily generate and even read 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Automated result gets generated through advanced reporting system that sorts the acquired OMR data in various sections which makes the result easy to comprehend. You can also save the data in files which can be accessed anytime later for the purpose of reference.

Verificare the best Optical Mark Reader Software is a repository features that have been precisely designed to cater all the OMR related needs, serving as perfect OMR solutions. It can be used as OMR sheet designing software, OMR form reader software and also as OMR test grading software with just a simple software installation into the system.

The best part of Verificare is that all of its benefits and in-built features come at highly affordable price and you don’t need to waste money on any sort of extra add-ons.